Who is AFSA

Who We Are.

One powerful voice.  Over the past five decades, AFSA has built a reputation as a stalwart advocate for Air Force enlisted members, past and present, and their families. 

What We Do. 

Protect those who serve, and have served. AFSA represents its 100,000 members by advocating for their interests to America’s elected and military leaders.  As a federally-chartered Veteran Service Organization, AFSA is able to lobby on Capitol Hill on behalf of its members.   

Where We Are. 

Global association with local impact. AFSA is organized in seven divisions across the U.S. and overseas; the heart of AFSA is its 132 chapters.  

AFSA's Mission.

To advocate improved quality of life and economic fairness that will support the well-being of the Total Air Force (Air Force Active Duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve Command) enlisted personnel and their families. 

Vision Statement 

To be the professional military organization of choice for the Total Air Force enlisted corps and their families.


The AFSA was founded in 1961 by four Air Force NCOs who recognized the need for an organization to represent the voice of all enlisted personnel to America’s elected and military leaders. AFSA founders Benny McGehee, Lee Thompson, Virgil Perry and Don Ward established the association, and McGehee later became the first president, becoming the first representative of an all-enlisted organization to give testimony before the House Armed Services Committee.

Today, AFSA represents its 110,00 members to Congressional members and Air Force leaders.


The following general objective, in support of the AFSA mission, are the foundation of the AFSA's activities. These objectives will remain as the guiding principles of AFSA represents. 

·        To  maintain within the Total Air Force a highly dedicated and professional enlisted corps
·        To uphold fair and equitable legislation and departmental policies, and influence, by lawful means,                        departmental plans, programs, policies and legislation affecting the Total Air Force enlisted personnel;                 active, retired, and veteran.
·        To actively publicize the roles of enlisted personnel in the Total Air Force.
·        To participate in civil and military related activities, youth programs, and fund-raising campaigns of                       benefit to the Total Air Force.
·        To provide for the mutual welfare of members and their families.
·        To assist in recruiting for the Total Air Force.
·        To assemble together for social activities.
·        To maintain a superior Air Force for our beloved United States of America.
·        To devote ourselves to our fellow Airmen.
·        To Loyally serve the nation and the US Air Force, and to do all else necessary to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Excerpted from the FY 2012-2014 AFSA Business Plan 

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