Our History

The History of Beers for the Brave®

Modest Beginnings, Major Implications.

The Beers for the Brave® story began on a sunny Friday afternoon as Harry and Bill,  two-beer loving patriots, gathered over a couple of pints and pondered the age-old question, “how can we truly say thank you to the brave men and women among us that sacrifice so much for our freedom?”
And with the simple gesture of a toast between them, the answer became crystal clear—“A beer and a handshake.”  It's a tradition as old as beer itself.  And so was born Beers for the Brave®.   The event was launched with a simple goal—to give average citizens an easy opportunity to say thank you to members of the armed services that protect the freedom we as Americans enjoy.
On October 11, the first annual Beers for the Brave® was held in Lancaster, California where active duty men and women from nearby Edwards Air Force Base were treated to local craft beer, live music and heartfelt gratitude from hundreds of members of the community.  Special guest R. Lee Ermey, Retired Marine Corps Staff Sergeant (and Golden Globe Award Nominee for his portrayal of Gunnery Sergeant  Hartman in Full Metal Jacket) made a guest appearance.
Although initially intended as a little more than a hometown tribute for local service men and women from our local air base, Beers for the Brave® has since drawn national attention and national sponsors. Based on the success of our first event, several other events are being evaluated in military communities around the United States. With a growing number of corporate and community sponsors a simple handshake is rapidly turning into a national movement. Click here for Event Schedule
For more information on how you can bring a Beers for the Brave® event to your community, click here.